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Shows 2019 DANCE

Put the music on

Μια χορευτική αναδρομή που σκοπό έχει να μας ταξιδέψει σε διαφορετικά μουσικά ρεύματα παλιών εποχών αλλά και του σήμερα< τονίζοντας την σημασία της μουσικής...

Shows 2019 DANCE

The Little Prince

Dance Studio Mayia Mina presents “The Little Prince”. Through the adventures, encounters, and experiences of the Little Prince on his planet, on...



The musicNart school presents the musical “Hercules” through an adaptation of the popular animated film produced by Walt Disney. From screen to stage, the...

Shows 2019 DANCE

Weave World

School of Dance Maria Messis presents the show “Weave World”. Nothing is ever fixed. Reality and fiction are woven into patterns that only have...

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