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Shows 2019 DANCE

Grand Ballets 2019

The Grand Ballets 2019 production attach a Euro-Mediterranean flavor to the annual event hosting two dance groups from Cyprus and Israel respectively. The...

Shows 2019 DANCE

World of Fame

The musical dance show World of Fame is inspired of the famous songs of famous artists from all over the world. Young and amateur dancers/performers will bring...

Shows 2019 DANCE

An extraordinary Journey

An extraordinary journey begins, countless new destinations unrevealed on our screen and our schools graduates are called to select their own “ Ithaca”. The...

Shows 2019 DANCE

Wicked World

In the magic kingdom of Oredon, Prince Ben, son of the royal couple Beauty & the Beast, Adam & Belle, is ready to ascend the throne. His first official...

Shows 2019 DANCE

“The Little Mermaid”

The Machallekide’s dance school presents the popular story ‘The little Mermaid’. A promising play for children and adults full of life, shine and dance.  Lets...

Shows 2019 DANCE

The Show must go on

You can not begin anything you live if you don’t dream it at first. And you can not proceed if you don’t believe in that dream. So, if you can...

Shows 2019 DANCE

The little Mermaid

ATELIER DE LA DANSE presents the show “The Little Mermaid”. Princess Ariel is a mermaid who dreams of becoming a human. She exchanges her voice...

Shows 2019 THEATRE

The Gamblers

The Russian Classical theatre play “The Gamblers” in Cyprus by Akimov Comedy Theatre of St. Petersburg. The play of the brilliant Russian playwright, the...

Shows 2019 CONCERT

Rock & Opera

Уникальный проект, переместившийся с подмостков Большого театра на лучшие сцены России и других стран скоро на Кипре! Лучшие голоса Большого театра соберутся...

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