Life is everywhere

Yegor Druzhinin

Comedy musical by Yegor Druzhinin – the internationally known artists, choreographer, and director of many theatrical shows.

He is a master of telling theatrical stories without words. Transforming the sensory experience of the characters into a performance without words, he works only with acting plasticity. This is a unique genre of art.

Five single men and fourteen single women are looking for their happiness in life. Everyone wants to find their place under the sun, interfering with each other in their search. “Life Is Everywhere” is not exactly a musical, although it does feature continuous music. This is not a dramatic play, but it does feature dramatic actors. This is not a ballet or a pantomime.

They say about such performances that the main star in it is the performance itself.

Fifteen talented and popular artists will tell nineteen stories. Only body language, incredible music and their stories: about meetings and partings, about expectations and deceived dreams. The performance features original music. The most recognizable compositions of Goran Bregovic are combined with melodies of Romanian and Gypsy big bands (for example, Fanfare Ciocarli). The musical accompaniment is also intertwined with the compositions of the Belgian gypsy guitar master Django Reinhardt.

The heroes of the play “Life Everywhere” are us. We are always different: sad, cheerful, funny, serious, but we all have one thing in common. When we have a goal and we go towards it, we feel the taste of life.

October 24 @ 20:00


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