Confusional World

School of Dance Eleni Gavrielidou

Through the captivating language of movement and rhythm, we invite you to journey alongside us into a realm of perplexity, chaos, piece, and existence.

In a world where uncertainty often reigns, where the lines blur between reality and illusion, we explore the complexities of confusion. Amidst the tangled threads of disorder, our dancers will portray the struggle, the beauty, and the resilience found within this bewildering landscape.

Through every leap, every twist, and every gesture, we aim not just to entertain but to provoke thought. We invite you to witness the embodiment of chaos, the quest for clarity, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Let our performance inspire reflection on the importance of understanding, empathy, and the pursuit of harmony amidst the tumultuous nature of existence.

Important announcement:
According to the theatre’s regulations, children under the age of 16, will not be allowed to enter the theatre without adult supervision.

June 21 @ 20:00


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