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Shows 2018 DANCE

A journey to neverland

The dance school Central Stage of Dance by Evie Ioannou presents the dance play “A Journey to NEVERLAND”. A journey through an exciting adventure...

Shows 2018 DANCE

Off to the Moon

Impulse School of Dance by Stella Hadjihampi presents the show “OFF TO THE MOON”. This is a fantasy show where, through different kinds of dance, there are...



Ένα μαγευτικό υπερθέαμα κλασσικού και σύγχρονου χορού, απαράμιλλης ομορφιάς, με καλλιτέχνες διεθνούς ακτινοβολίας και διακεκριμένους Κύπριους χορευτές...

Shows 2018 DANCE

The Tickler

Gargalistis ( Tickler),is an unusual thief : he invites children’s room , takes away part of children’s laugh that have plenty , stores it in a...

Shows 2018 DANCE

Strana Magia

30 years. Thank you. The Ballet and Modern Dance School of Myria Stylianou – Pavlou presents the performance titled: Strana Magia. The story unfolds...

Shows 2018 DANCE

The Circle of Life

“House of Dance Strofes” presents the dance show “THE CIRCLE OF LIFE”. A spectacular show full of energy and amazing choreography.
€12, €10

Shows 2018 DANCE


The School embraced the efforts of the Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Special Needs. Dance harmoniously coexists with frames, canvas...

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