The duet «Rabbits» is People’s Artists of Ukraine Vladimir Danilets and Vladimir Moiseenko. Danilets and Moiseyenko owners of the Cup. Arkady Raikin.

They are completely different both behind the scenes, and on stage, during performances. It would seem: well, which one is a duet? One wants to sing at any cost, and the other is driven from all theaters. But together they are unsurpassed.

Excute friends and colleagues Vladimir Danilets and Vladimir Moiseenko not so long ago celebrated the 30th anniversary of creative activity. But this year the People’s Artists of Ukraine have one more anniversary – 25 years of their duet «Rabbits». Working together, humorists conquered not only Ukrainian spectators, but also became favorites of the whole Soviet Union, toured in America and Europe. They are popular to this day. For Vladimir Moiseenko and Vladimir Danilts firmly nicknamed «Rabbits» (the name was one of their brightest numbers). As soon as this miniature appeared on television, fans at every concert carried toy rabbits to Vladimir. In a small office of artists in the center of Kiev, too, there are several copies: ceramic rabbits in textile clothes – copies of Vladimir Danilts and Vladimir Moiseyenko, as well as a huge soft rabbit with autographs and wishes.

For more than 25 years, miniatures and sketches of Ukrainian folk artists Vladimir Danilts and Vladimir Moiseyenko have been blown up by the auditoriums with applause, and television characters have won the love of millions of fans of their humorous talent.

Each new sketch of the humorous duet «Rabbits» (this name itself «grew» after the show on the central television of a humorous number called «Rabbits Arrived!») Becomes a hit that will forever be remembered by the viewer.

For the years of his work the duet has received many awards and prizes, but, according to the artists themselves, the main award for them is full halls, grateful applause from the audience, love and devotion to fans …

Today, like many years ago, their characters are ridiculous, jokes are relevant, and the artists themselves are absolutely modern, energetic and surprisingly young

In the new program, which the artists will present to the viewers of Cyprus, there are all … and old, loved numbers, and new sketches that have not been presented yet .., as well as bold creative experiments in the genre of political satire…

See you at the concert! Good mood and positive emotions – we guarantee!!!


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