Stars of the Via



For the first time in Cyprus!

Only on March 31 at the Pattihio Theater will the unique performance of the legendary soloists of the VIA, the stars of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and current years take place!

These songs are eternal, everyone knows them, even though they never learned by heart. They were sung by our mothers and dads, we sing them, they will be sung by our children! It is no accident that these songs are sung many times by various contemporary performers. But you will hear them only from the source, performed by the soloists of the legendary ensembles.
The program represents director, producer, presenter of the TV program «Born in the USSR» – Vladimir Glazunov which for many years, on the air of NOSTALGIA television channel, magically connects the most diverse artists and their numerous admirers. The same, a magical mix will happen in Cyprus, right in the auditorium of the Pattihio Theater.

Εισιτήρια: Πλατεία: €55 (ΣΕΙΡΕΣ A-M), €45 (ΣΕΙΡΕΣ N-R) Εξώστης: €40 (ΣΕΙΡΕΣ A-E), €30 (ΣΕΙΡΕΣ F-I)


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